LEAP Academy Honors Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday with Multiple Service Activities

January 17, 2018

All LEAP students from Kindergarten through 12th grade came together to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and sustain his vision for a just and equitable society where everyone can participate, contribute and be successful.  Each building organized events that resonated with Dr. King’s messages about the importance of participation in our democracy and how we can collectively forge the kind of society that is grounded on the principles of  justice, equity, education, and civic engagement.

At the Elementary School, students watched the film “Martin and Me” and engaged students in a diucssion of what Martin Luther King means for their generation.    Following this dicussion, students created Quilts of Kindness and worked on creating packages for the Ronald McDonald House in Camden.  Voounteers from the Dilworth Paxson Law firm worked in touching up walls and assiting with various projects on–site.

At the Intermediate School, students decorated place mats that signified messages crafted to support Dr. King’s life, participated in a creative writing section where students could write letters to the mayor, and took advantage of a presentation on Dr. King’s legacy.  The students were also able to be exposed to King’s Greek affiliation as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., a group heavily involved in the Camden and surrounding communities.  Following the presentation, students participated in discussions about the impact Dr. King’s actions had on contemporary society, especially in the realm of education.    Following the presentation, students competed in the “MLK Day Challenge” via “Kahoot Trivia” where they answered questions based on the conversation and the presentation.

At the High School,  students participated in a Martin Luther King Day Marathon Reading Program.  Led by one of our Academic Tutors, the event was designed to bring the community together in the appreciation of a common value: “the purpose of peace and brotherhood,” as Dr. King says. This was an opportunity to involve LEAP’s students in civic discourse that could provide students with a platform for character building, encouraging them to think critically, and being active citizens that speak out on the injustices that they observe in society. Exposure to a live oral reading of the text also gave them a fuller comprehension of an important—and quite complex—piece of American literature.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the accounting firm, played an integral role in supporting the LEAP MLK Day programming at LEAP.  10 PwC volunteers visited the Upper Elementary building to paint, facilitate sporting and arts and crafts activities, and make sandwiches for Cathedral Kitchen.  Simultaneously, 35 LEAP high school students traveled to PwC’s Philadelphia office to attend seminars and workshops on diversity in the workforce and personal branding.  PwC is developing a long term relationship with LEAP Academy and the Rutgers-Camden Community Leadership Center to prepare students for their professional careers.