LEAP Early College Program at Rutgers University-Camden finish off their first semester of college coursework

December 21, 2017

As participants in the LEAP Early College Program at Rutgers University-Camden, forty graduating seniors had a chance to finish off their first semester of college coursework while giving presentations in the School of Business at Rutgers University-Camden. These students, who were enrolled in a Principles of Marketing course with Professor Kimberly Richmond along with three other college courses, worked in small groups of develop a product design and marketing strategy for their respective products. These innovative ideas, which ranged from streamlined electric car batteries to digital apps that create recipes based on the food in your refrigerator, were presented to a panel of distinguished judges. Each team had the opportunity to explain why their product was the most innovative and effective, and they were judged on a criteria that included originality of the product design, clarity of target market, coordination of presentation, and the breadth and depth of primary research. The seven student teams were each given fifteen minutes to present their product and sales pitch, with the winning team garnering recognition as an inductee in the Rutgers University Camden School of Business Rock Star Hall of Fame.

Each of the seven student groups capped off a successful first semester of college coursework by displaying their unique product designs and prototypes. Many of the groups created original slogans, jingles, and unique approaches to product placement and advertising. Showing a great deal of poise and confidence, each team was able to work collectively to create a sales approach and pitch that fit their product design. In the end, Team Globalizerz and their eco-friendly portable car charger slightly edged out Team ABCDs and their Xenon first-person digital camera. However, each team did an amazing job on their presentations, proving that this group of graduating seniors has truly conquered the challenge of their first semester of college coursework.

Students Team Presentations:

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