LEAP Early College Students Going the Extra Mile

October 3, 2017

Six LEAP Academy students meet with Professor Kimberly Richmond during her office hours in the Rutgers University-Camden Campus Center. These six graduating seniors (Alejandro Bernal, Britney Cruz, Gazuel Cruz, Zorielie Borges, Viante Brewer, and Angela Nwankpah) are participants in the LEAP Early College Program, providing these students in opportunity to take a full load of college coursework during their senior year at LEAP Academy. These students, part of Team Globalizerz, are discussing a group project in their Intro to Marketing course through the Rutgers School of Business, as they strategize an approach to creating and marketing their own product. These students are also enrolled in Cultural Anthropology, African-American History, and Latin American Studies through the Rutgers School of Arts & Sciences, and they will take additional course in the Spring 2018 semester through at Rowan University.