Rutgers University-Camden School of Business RockStar Marketing Challenge

December 20, 2018

On Thursday, December 20th, forty of LEAP Academy’s top scholars participated in the annual Rutgers University-Camden School of Business RockStar Marketing Challenge. This competition is the culmination of entire semester these students spent working to develop an innovative product or service and an accompanying marketing strategy. As members of the LEAP Academy Business Cohort, each of these graduating seniors completed Marketing Essentials and Introduction to Finance coursework in the LEAP Early College Program, gaining a glimpse of what life will be like when they make the transition from high school into higher education. Each of the six groups presented their product and service designs to a group of guest panelists from the Rutgers community, providing insight on their product placement and marketing strategy, design rollout, pricing, and target audience. Judges provided questions and feedback for each group, and scoring was based on overall presentation, cohesiveness, original research, and a number of other categories, awarding the winning group with induction into the Rutgers University-Camden School of Business RockStar Hall of Fame, as well as the coveted five additional extra credit points that would be applied to the final exam grade of each team member. With products and services ranging that included an all-in-one video game streaming community, a robotic watchdog, an earbud language translator, and self-generating nanotech athletic shoe, these students pushed the limits of their expertise, ingenuity, and creativity. The winning team, Innovative Futures, presented a state of the art prototype for an affordably priced tablet with printing capabilities, utilizing materials and resources from the LEAP Fabrication Laboratory to create their product design. The members of this team, Keylin Campos Lisved Reza-Garduno, Carlos Gonzalez, Osmairy Marte, Karen Palillero, and Ashley Rivera expertly crafted a marketing that included a sweepstakes giveaway and product rollouts on college campuses to reach their target market of college students and young adults. Their team chemistry and confidence was clearly on display as they won the panel of judges over before sealing the deal by giving each judge the gift of a keychain emblazoned with the Innovative Futures logo. Each participating team did a phenomenal job in presenting their innovative ideas, and they have undoubtedly raised the bar of excellence for the next cohort of Business students in the LEAP Early College Program.   Click here to see photos of their presentations