Students from 11th grade are being admitted to the Rowan University Urban Teacher Academy

June 21, 2018

Please help the Center for College Access in congratulating the following 11th grade students who have been admitted into the Rowan University Urban Teacher Academy! Our class of 2019 participants will receive an introduction to teaching in urban schools through group discussions and projects, research and field trips over the summer. We are so proud of our scholars and hopefully one day they will come back to LEAP as teachers!

Teachers, please continue to encourage our students to consider careers in education. You all are amazing role models and I think this experience will help our students appreciate the profession even more than they do now.

Way to go admitted students!

  • McKinnon, Kayla​
  • Molina, Gabriela
  • Williams, Ommia
  • Gilchrist, Wayne
  • Reese, Janaysia
  • Evans, Gabrielle
  • Valdez, Arleny
  • Brown, Alfonso
  • Coleman, Aimiyah