Our Mission

Empowering educational excellence, from cradle to college.

LEAP’s founding mission is to enhance opportunities for the children and families of Camden through the collaborative design, implementation, and integration of education, health, and human services programs and through community development.

Over its trajectory, LEAP has developed foundational elements that anchor its work and support its mission:

  1. LEAP has utilized the concept of “charter schools” as a platform for transforming educational options for parents and children.
  2. Embedded in the college preparation academic focus is a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).
  3. LEAP has purposefully placed college and career readiness at the center of the school’s organizational structure through a focus on high expectations for all students, educators, and families.
  4. LEAP continues to build on its commitment to develop a solid educational pipeline that sustains children from infancy through college, to ensure that the academic and socio-emotional needs of children are addressed as early as possible, and additionally supports parents educational advancements.
  5. LEAP Academy capitalizes on a strong fiscal and operational base that is aligned to the instructional and support priorities of the school.
  6. LEAP invests in its people, as the human capital of the schools is one of its most treasured assets.