High School


Serving Students in Grades 9-12

The LEAP High School serves 480 students in grades 9–12, and represents the culmination of the academic trajectory of students at the LEAP Academy. The High School Program is structured to simulate the college experience and to expose students to academic coursework, sequences and expectations that build their level of college readiness, motivation and self assurance about a college career. 100% of LEAP seniors graduate and 100% are accepted to college.

The High School is structured in three academies: (a) STEM/STEAM, (b) Liberal Arts/Social Studies, and (c) Business. During the 9th and 10th grades, students take core foundation courses, which prepares them for one of the academies. During the 11th and 12th grades, they choose an Academy and focus in a specialized track. The aim is to simulate the college experience by having students take general coursework followed by a major.

Students participate in Dual College enrollment and during their senior year, they enroll in college courses at Rowan and Rutgers Universities through the LEAP Early College.

Principal's Message

Dear STEAM Senior High School Families,

It is with great pride that I write today to introduce myself as the principal of the STEAM Senior High School. I am simultaneously excited to be part of the team, and to kick off the 2022-2023 school year.

Although I am new to LEAP, I am entering my 20th year in the field of education having served as a classroom teacher, a school level administrator, and as a district level administrator. In my most recent role, I served as Director of School Support for the Red Clay Consolidated School District where I assisted school teams in the development and implementation of school improvement plans. While I enjoyed this work, I found myself wanting to engage more closely with students, families, and teachers, which led me to LEAP Academy.

This summer, I have been working closely with the team at the STEAM Senior High School to familiarize myself with the LEAP model and community. I am inspired by LEAP’s commitment “to enhance opportunities for the children and families of Camden” and our team is working hard to plan instructional and social emotional learning experiences that will support college readiness and access.

More than anything, I am excited to meet the students and families that make LEAP Academy such an amazing place. Our partnership will be critical to the success of our scholars. In this regard, I am hopeful that you will join us at the following school opening events:

  • STEAM High School Parent Orientation – August 18th
  • LEAP Academy Fun Fair – August 20th
  • Back to School Night – September 8th

It is a privilege to serve you as principal of the STEAM Senior High School. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or any ideas you would like to share.


Harold Shaw Ed.D

Dual-Enrollment Participation

LEAP Academy students are offered the opportunity to take dual-enrollment course work once they reach the ninth grade, and the number of dual-enrollment participants has increased exponentially since 2009.

Instructional Programs

Early College & Specialized Academies

  • School culture and conditions that facilitate teaching and learning at a college level.
  • Early college and dual credit courses for all seniors to guarantee graduation with over 20 college credits.
  • Content specialized teachers that are enthusiastic and highly qualified about their fields.
  • Opportunity to choose a specialized Academy as the academic focus to increase student ownership for learning and simulate the college experience.
  • College Access Center that provides ongoing support on academic as well as non-academic areas to ensure students are on track for graduation and college enrollment.
  • Emphasis in developing core academic skills, such as writing and analytic thinking and non-cognitive skill development, including behaviors that reflect greater student self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-control— study skills, work habits, time management, help-seeking behavior, and social problem solving skills.
  • Every student is assigned a laptop and has access to to varied technology around the school, including 3-D printers, computer labs and smart boards.
  • Access to opportunities to participate in academic summer programs and other leadership and academic programs that augment college preparation.

LEAP Academies

LEAP Academies

Similar to that of any college or university, the LEAP STEAM High School course of study is comprised of three academies (Business, STEAM/STEM and Liberal Arts), which contain multiple concentrations. Below is a list of concentrations, complete with descriptions so that you know what your options are for your course of study throughout high school. After you select what concentration option is best for you, all course registrations will be made with an advisor in The Center for College Access.

You will be able to use one of the below concentrations as a precursor to selecting a college major and determining what career path you would like to follow. If and when you have any questions about how your high school concentration will impact your college education, please reach out to an advisor with The Center for College Access.

LEAP STEAM High School Concentration Options

Liberal Arts Academy

Learn More

Business Academy

Learn More


Learn More

Early College

Early College

Starting in Fall 2017, all seniors at LEAP enroll in the Early College Program and will enroll in courses at Rutgers University and Rowan University. Through the Early College Initiative, high school students have the opportunity to complete college level courses while still in high school. LEAP seniors will complete up to 30 college credits. The focus is on transforming the senior year of high school into the first year of college. The Early College concept expands the school’s Dual College Enrollment program by which selected group of high school students take selected college courses as part of their high school year. Students that graduate from high school with these many college credits enter the university with an advantage in terms of college readiness, as well as credits already completed. This provides them with an opportunity to finish college on time and to perform at a higher academic level.

Why Early College?

  • Research has shown the earlier introduction to college courses leads to better long-term academic outcomes.
  • High quality dual enrollment can have a powerful impact on students’ post-secondary success, yet few opportunities are available to low-income students in inner cities.
  • Students who get college experience in high school have a higher high school graduation rate and are less likely to take basic skills courses once they enrolled in college.
  • Dual-enrollment students are more likely to attend and persist in college once they completed high school.
  • Reinforces LEAP’s college culture and support the expectation that each student will attend college and develop career aspirations.
  • Early College students have more positive high school experiences than comparison students, including positive experiences as follows:
    • The rigor of their high school experiences
    • Their high school’s college-going culture
    • The level of instructor support
    • The quality of support for completing college and financial aid applications

Early College Courses for the  Academic Year

Rutgers University

Learn More

Rowan University

Learn More


LEAP Transcripts

To request your official LEAP Transcript, please download the Transcript Request Form, complete it, and email the completed form to: mroberts@leap.rutgers.edu



  • Building Administration
  • Support Staff
  • Wellness Clinic
  • College Access


  • English Teachers
  • Math Teachers
  • Science Teachers
  • History Teachers
  • Special Services
  • Business Teachers
  • Special Area Teachers (Arts, Dance, Music,Theater, GYM, ESL, & Spanish)

Building Administration

Dana Rivas

Instructional Principal 9-12


Amir Ayres

Literacy Supervisor 9-12


Rafael Miranda

Director of FAB Lab


Support Staff

Vanessa Schonewolf

Dean of Students, Recruitment & Retention


Massimo DeSiano

Technology Specialist

856-614-5640 Ext. 700312mdesiano@leap.rutgers.edu

Robert Hinchliffe

Technology Specialist

Donna Robertson

Special Programs Coordinator


Wellness Clinic

Dr. Velmina Rivera, MD, FAAP

Chief Medical Officer

856-614-5610 opt. 1vsrivera@leap.rutgers.edu

Florencia Del Valle

Medical Receptionist

856-614-5610 opt. 1fdelvalle@leap.rutgers.edu

Jacqueline DePrince

Office Manager- Wellness Center

856-614-5610 opt. 1jdeprince@leap.rutgers.edu

Thelma Feliz, CMA

Certified Medical Assistant

856-614-5610 opt. 1tfeliz@leap.rutgers.edu

Samema Abdullah, RN

Register Nurse

856-614-5610 opt. 1sabullah@leap.rutgers.edu

College Access

Theodore Jhonson

Director of College Access and Students Success


Amanda Beltran

Director of Early College


English Teachers

Marcus MCrimmon

English Teacher


Jennifer Irizarry-Rivera

English Teacher


Stephen Cobb

English Teacher


Curtis Barton

English Teacher


Alexandra Keefe

English Teacher


Rakeisha Weir

English Teacher


Math Teachers

Glen Butterworth

Math Teacher


Katherine Jankowksi

Math Teacher


Helen Uttaratoi

Math Teacher


Melvin Monte

Recitation Math


Science Teachers

Scott Davis



Alexandra Sarno

Science Teacher


Randy Smith



Jeff Thomas



History Teachers

Ryan Koch

History Teacher


Ray Rossi

History Teacher


Daniel Blackman

History Teacher


Harrison Kampf

History Teacher


Michael Rhea

Recitation History


Special Services

Julia Kogan

Special Education Teacher


Jacquelin Floyd

Special Education Teacher


Jessica Petrutz

Special Education Teacher


Julia Kogan

Special Education Teacher


Sonia Chugh

ESL Teacher


Octavius Crowley

Instructional Assistant 1-1


Business Teachers

Helen Redmond

Statistics/Business Teacher


Christopher Scheid

Business Teacher


Special Area Teachers (Arts, Dance, Music,Theater, GYM, ESL, & Spanish)

Amanda Dacenko

Health/PE Teacher


Christopher Hutton

Health/PE Teacher


Kimberly Frizano

Health/PE Teacher


Rober King III

Physics Teacher


Jeffrey Phillips

Art Teacher


Elba Cena Zarte

Dance Teacher


Greg Goss

Computer Science Teacher


Amanda Pickard

Spanish Teacher



View & Download Menus for High School Students

Food is cooked daily in each school. The staff works diligently to provide balanced and nutritious meals. Menus are available each week.

ESL & Special Service

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program  and Special Services

LEAP Academy’s ESL Program aims to provide culturally and linguistically responsive education for all English language learners to ensure equitable access to opportunities that promote language acquisition, life long learning, and global citizenship.

The office of Special Services supports families, students, and their teachers by providing the necessary tools and resources to ensure that all eligible diverse learners; students with disabilities, students with a 504 plan, and multilingual learners. Under special services, LEAP Academy students receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE) through the provision of special education and/or related services to meet the unique needs of all qualified diverse learners. Rigorous, high-quality instruction is essential to our practice and our teachers and staff are committed to prepare our students for success.