LEAP Results

Focus on Academic Excellence and College Success

LEAP is focused on academic excellence and successful transition to college and careers. This focus is grounded on a collective commitment to efficiency and excellence that has produced unmatched results:

  • Our students have achieved perfect (100 percent) graduation and college acceptance rates.
  • LEAP students’ performance shows progress and adequate growth every year.
  • LEAP seniors graduate with dual credit college courses.
  • LEAP scores rank among the best in the City of Camden, and its high school graduation and college placement rates place the school among the best in the region and state.
  • LEAP’s impact on the Camden community and economy is visible, aligned, and continues to grow.

High School Graduation Results

Since its inception in 1998, and beginning with its first graduating class in 2005, LEAP Academy has maintained a 100% graduation rate.

College Placement Results

Beginning with its first graduating class in 2005, LEAP Academy has maintained 100% college placement for each of its graduating cohorts, ensuring college placement for each graduating senior at LEAP Academy from 2005 until its most recent 2018 graduating class.

College Placement: 2-Year vs. 4-Year Institutions

Dual-Enrollment Participation

LEAP Academy students are offered the opportunity to take dual-enrollment course work once they reach the ninth grade, and the number of dual-enrollment participants has increased exponentially since 2009.