Serving Students in Grades 6 – 8

The LEAP Intermediate School serves 240 students in grades 7 and 8 and works closely with the High School to ensure that students transition to the upper grades ready to tackle a rigorous college preparation curriculum that includes actual college coursework.

Instructional Programs

Accelerated Curriculum & Varied Learning Opportunities

  • Accelerated curriculum that is benchmarked with ninth-grade college-preparatory standards.
  • Instructional program that reflect high school readiness standards in English/reading, mathematics and science, including Algebra
  • Varied learning opportunities through the use of authentic problems, project-based learning, cooperative learning and technology.
  • High expectations for all students and ongoing support through extended academic support opportunities and differentiated instruction in the classroom.
  • Focus on improving students’ reading and writing skills that engage students in reading grade-level materials specific to each content area — English, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • High expectations for all students and ongoing support through extended academic support opportunities and differentiated instruction in the classroom.
  • School’s culture and daily routines and opportunities that focus on engaging students intellectually, emotionally, socially and behaviorally, high-quality guidance and advisement through the college access center and personal connections with adults and parents.

Principal's Message

Welcome to the LEAP Intermediate School

As principal of grades 7-8, it is my personal commitment to ensure that we prepare students to enter high school prepared and ready to tackle the academic rigor that is required to prepare for college. We are collectively working to ensure that our students enter high school as critical thinkers, lifelong learners and leaders. Our message is clear—how you prepare for high school will determine your chances to enter and succeed in college. Therefore, our commitment is to preparing 7th and 8th graders to succeed and excel in the academic courses they will take in high school.

We stand by our promise that every child will achieve academic excellence, and to do so we have assembled an amazing team of teachers, support staff and a wide variety of educational resources to ensure that every student has everything they need to be successful. This is our commitment to all parents and students.

Our commitment to children goes beyond academics and integrates opportunities for students to develop their own social and emotional capacity. We hold every staff member accountable for the academic future of our students. We have high expectations for all of our staff, students and parents. We expect that all of our students will demonstrate interest, enthusiasm, motivation and pleasure for learning.

Children are our greatest natural resource. As your school principal, I take my educational responsibility to children very seriously. I believe that it is my responsibility to assist teachers and students in their learning journey. High quality instruction and positive engagement is at the core of our school for every student, in every classroom, every day. It is my goal to lead and produce magic!!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!




  • Building Administration


  • Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Seventh Grade Teacher
  • Eigth Grade Teacher
  • Special Services
  • Special Area Teachers (Arts, Music, Theater, GYM, ESL, & Spanish)


  • Support Staff

Building Administration

Kaitlyn McWilliams

Instructional Principal 4-8

Ramon Santiago

Vice Principal 4-8

Christine Skalka

Literacy Supervisor 4-8

Walvis Abreu

College Access Coordinator

Sixth Grade Teacher

Stephanie Aspenburg

LAL/Social Studies Teacher


Nicholas Nazzario

6th Grade Math Teacher

Emily Sularski

6th Grade Science Teacher

Adam Altenbach

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Seventh Grade Teacher

Anna Marie Perrone

ELA Teacher


Patricia Harkins

Creative Writing Teacher


Harpreet Kaur

Social Studies Teacher


Brandon Leftwich

Science Teacher


John Durney

7th Grade Project-Based Math Teacher


Sandra Heintz

7th Grade Math Teacher


Eigth Grade Teacher

Erin Gartland

ELA Teacher


Brooke Bivona

Social Studies Teacher


Kierston Perks

Creative Writing Teacher


Kyra Jenkins

8th Grade Algebra 1 Teacher


Matthew Steen

8th Grade Science Teacher


Special Services

Rachel Caione

Special Education Teacher


Tanya Mason

Special Education Teacher


Alexis Cotton

ESL Teacher

Special Area Teachers (Arts, Music, Theater, GYM, ESL, & Spanish)

Michael DiNuova

Health/P.E. Teacher


Kathleen Dunkley

Health/P.E. Teacher


Richard Marino

Health/P.E. Teacher


Nina Speart

Art 6th - 8th Grade Teacher


Annabel Estevez

Spanish Teacher Fellow

Yvonne Grashom

Music Teacher

Support Staff

Nellybel Nunez

Office Manager

Stephanie Maratea

School Nurse

Amir Ayres

College Access Associate

Diana Crespo

Director of Enrollment

Grace Begley

Enrollment Specialist

Theodore Johnson Jr.

Coordinator of Enrollment Recruitment & Retention

Leda Hernandez Diaz

Director of Family Services & Wellness Center

Maria Cruz

Associate Director of Parent Engagement


View & Download Menus for Intermediate Students

Food is cooked daily in each school. The staff works diligently to provide balanced and nutritious meals. Menus are available each week.

ESL & Special Service

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

LEAP Academy’s ESL Program aims to provide culturally and linguistically responsive education for all English language learners to ensure equitable access to opportunities that promote language acquisition, life long learning, and global citizenship.

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