Javier Mendez

Alumni Spotlight

LEAP Academy Class of 2015

Javier Mendez is an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, double majoring in Information Technology and Informatics & Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Education Opportunity Student Association Program on campus. Additionally, he is an employee at Rutgers iTV Studio and is interning for the Big Ten Network StudentU with RVision Athletics.

When narrating his experience at LEAP Academy, Javier states: “Being an alumni from LEAP Academy has prepared me immensely for the competitive culture at Rutgers New Brunswick. The city of Camden raised me to be a resilient young adult in the face of adversity, but LEAP Academy equipped me with the academic fortitude that is necessary to thrive in the real world. The courses at Rutgers New Brunswick are certainly much more difficult than the classes at LEAP Academy, but the amount of work given during my high school career trained me to manage my time effectively here in college. I was blessed enough to earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 my freshmen year here at Rutgers New Brunswick and much of that accomplishment stems from the expectations placed upon me during my high school years. I am grateful for the doors that LEAP Academy has opened and for my utmost success in life as I continue to strive for greatness having Camden, New Jersey on my back.”


Javier Mendez

Rutgers University, Class of 2019