Liz Ramos

May Alumni Spotlight

LEAP Academy Class of 2014

As a LEAP Academy alumni, I remember excelling at my mathematics and art courses. As a student in the STEM program, I wanted to explore the academic and superlative options I was provided. I found myself joining the robotics team to help put together a design for the robot built collaboratively by the robotics team. Collaborating in the sciences and arts helped me find my passions for sci-art collaboration. After graduating from LEAP Academy, I went on to study Biology and Studio Art at Rutgers University. The combination of the two studies propelled me to marry the two subjects in a way that would bring me success and genuine enjoyment in my academic journey. After four years of navigating science and art, I found myself working in the biological field, where I went on to work in CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) T-Cell Therapy. Currently, I have been able to help people with cancer receive treatment due to the experiences, coursework and opportunities afforded to me through the LEAP program.

I appreciate that I was able to receive exposure to the STEM-based academic courses at LEAP; it provided me the exposure I needed to settle on the decision to study in the STEM field while in undergraduate school.