LEAP Academy 2020-2021 School Year School Re-Entry Plan and Strategy– Adjusting to COVID-19

August 21, 2020

UPDATE on LEAP Academy’s School Re-Entry Plan of Action

During this difficult pandemic period, the LEAP Academy University Charter School is scheduled to start classes on Monday, August 24, 2020.

After consulting with our most critical stakeholders – students and parents – LEAP has chosen to start the school year in an ALL-REMOTE learning modality.

This will be effective until October 5th, at which time we will re-open the school as an option for in person learning. We will continue to reassess with local, county, state mandates before returning to in-person learning.

Our decision making is driven by two main drivers– the safety of our children and staff and the need to respond to the realities of our children and families at this time of crisis.

We are working to make sure that our facilities are safe and that we follow all of the CDC and NJ Department of Health and Education guidelines.  To that end, we are installing protective barriers;  have provided signage all over the buildings; have increased the access to sanitizing supplies to ensure that hand washing is happening throughout the day;  have equipped the schools with thermometers to test everyone as they come in; have allowed for classrooms to be reconfigured to observe distancing guidelines; are providing all children with masks and face shields; the health center is prepared to conduct COVD-19 testing for free for all students and staff  and we have increased the level and frequency of building cleaning.   We are investing a myriad of resources to ensure that all classrooms are ready and equipped with the necessary resources and that our online resources are optimal.

Through this time, we have grappled with the reality of the children that we worked for.  At times of crisis, children face unmeasurable challenges.   We are also challenged by the realization that the learning loss already occurring for our students is tragic and will have a tremendous impact in their education achievement long-term.  Therefore, we are placing considerable focus on providing teachers and students with the best online resources to deliver instruction.  Our staff will also provide special opportunities to support students that are experiencing difficulties and continue to provide quality services to our Special Education and ESL students.

Our Health Center is open and seeing patients and providing free COVID-screening.  Take advantage of these resources and call to schedule a visit.   COVID testing is available for all staff as well.


During the remote learning period, access to social and behavioral services will continue. Food service distribution will continue to all families who require it. LEAP is committed to teaching Camden’s greatest resource, our children, safely and effectively.

For a copy of the school re-entry plan approved by the County and state, please click here.

If you have specific questions, please contact our staff in the following units:


Our School Principals are also available as follows:

  • Barbara Dunlap, Building Manager Principal | bdunlap@leap.rutgers.edu
    STEM Elementary Campus
    639 Cooper Street, Camden, NJ 08102 | 856-614-2088
  • Kaitlyn McWilliams, Instructional Principal | KMcWilliams@leap.rutgers.edu
    Lisely Mendez, Instructional Principal | LMendezRivera@leap.rutgers.edu
    STEM Upper Elementary Campus (4-5)
    532 Cooper Street, Camden NJ 08102 | 856-614-3292
  • Scott Lunn, Vice Principal, STEM School | slunn@leap.rutgers.edu
    STEM Junior High School Campus (6-8)
    549 COOPER STREET, CAMDEN NJ 08102 | 856-614-5094
  • Ian Fallstich, Principal | IFallstich@leap.rutgers.edu
    STEAM Senior High School Campus (9-12)
    130 North Broadway, Camden, NJ 08102 | 856-614-5640