Ms. Christine Skalka is selects to provide instruction in Program NJTV Learning Live

May 13, 2020

The New Jersey DOE, NJTV, and New Jersey Education Association have proudly selected Ms. Christine Skalka (5th grade ELA teacher) to provide instruction in their Program NJTV Learning Live. This initiative is a great opportunity to advance remote learning access in New Jersey and allows us to showcase the amazing work one of our many champion teachers do on a daily basis during these unprecedented times.


Also, the Social Studies teachers* have partnered with Nickelodeon to give students a critical voice in our elections and became part of 2020 Kids Pick the President  initiative.   The school will receive free, unlimited access to Britannica’s media-making, video-creation platform, LumieLabs, for the 2020/2021 school year.  The school will also receive pre-built video lessons, aligned to national education standards, that engage students with election themes and foster skills such as media literacy, critical thinking, and civic engagement and a team of education experts to support professional development at the school.

  • Mrs. Maennor -4th grade
  • Ms. Quidachy -4th grade
  • Ms. Skalka -5th grade
  • Ms. Kaur -7th grade
  • Mrs. Bivona -8th grade